Experience the benefits of chiropractic care and cryotherapy firsthand by working with Dr. Richard Silver and Dr. W. Craig Brenan of Verve Chiropractic in Montgomery, TX.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Many of us are not fans of cold temperatures. We install water heaters, wear thick coats, and run our furnaces to avoid prolonged exposure to cold water or air. It’s also common for people to move away from their current home to live somewhere warmer.

While many folks avoid the cold whenever they can, there may come a time when you can benefit from seeking it out. To be more specific, you may be able to treat a nagging condition with the help of some kind of substance that is kept at freezing temperatures. That is possible through a form of treatment known as cryotherapy.

There are different types of cryotherapy that medical professionals may use.

Most of the time, cryotherapy involves a doctor using some sort of liquid or gas to freeze tissue before removing it. Doctors and patients like that type of treatment because it is non-invasive.

That form of cryotherapy is helpful but it won’t do you much good if you’re dealing with tight muscles or sprained ligaments. Chiropractors utilize a different type of cryotherapy to treat their patients.

Instead of freezing parts of your body, chiropractors utilize cryotherapy to control inflammation. Remember that inflammation usually accompanies strained muscles and ligaments. By controlling that aspect of your injury, your chiropractor will be able to treat you more effectively.

Try out chiropractic care combined with cryotherapy by consulting with Dr. Silver and Dr. Brenan of Verve Chiropractic in Montgomery, TX.

What Can You Expect from a Chiropractic Care Session That Involves Cryotherapy?

We noted in the previous section that integrating cryotherapy into chiropractic care allows chiropractors to control inflammation. But what does that mean for you? Why is controlling inflammation important during treatment?

The main reason why controlling inflammation matters is because it affects our pain level. If your chiropractor can reduce inflammation prior to treatment, they can make the session more comfortable for you.

Controlling inflammation is particularly important if you just sustained an injury. During that time, the inflammation may prevent your chiropractor from manipulating your body without causing pain. They need to reduce the inflammation before they can turn their attention to administering the necessary adjustments.

Cryotherapy also benefits you because it provides longer-lasting relief. Your chiropractor can continually work on treating your injury without worrying about your pain levels. The treatment session will be more comfortable thanks to the utilization of cryotherapy.

Book a chiropractic treatment session that features cryotherapy with Dr. Silver and Dr. Brenan of Verve Chiropractic in Montgomery, TX by calling 936-596-1444.

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