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Welcome to our practice! We hope to help you discover how chiropractic care can improve your quality of life.

After over a combined 50+ years of practicing chiropractic care, Dr. Richard Silver and Dr. W. Craig Brenan have come together to help residents in and around Montgomery, TX get adjusted to living better. Since opening the doors to VERVE CHIROPRACTIC in August 2022, they have been effectively bringing pain relief and wellness to all who walk in seeking help from a chiropractor. They strive to help patients feel better now and stay feeling better in the future so that they can live a better life. 

Residents in Montgomery, TX visit VERVE CHIROPRACTIC for many conditions and symptoms. Dr. Silver and Dr. Brenan often address issues such as neck and shoulder pain, hip and leg pain, back pain, sciatica, foot pain, repetitive motion injuries, sports injuries, and performance improvement. They also work to restore body mechanics, range of motion, proper posture, and more. And they are committed to helping children through the demands of adolescence, as well as people trying to reduce chronic inflammation, and workers experiencing pain from maintaining the same position for too long. Regardless of the reason you need the services of a chiropractor, VERVE CHIROPRACTIC has your back.

To provide such comprehensive and thorough care, Dr. Silver and Dr. Brenan provide a wide range of services, which are customized for every single patient. These services most often include chiropractic adjustments, which are foundational for naturally achieving and maintaining pain relief and wellness. These adjustments are typically paired with other services, such as cryotherapy, nutritional guidance and supplements, wellness maintenance, and custom orthotics through FOOT LEVELERS.

Your customized treatment plan depends specifically on your needs and your goals. At Verve Chiropractic, it’s about more than just getting relief from your symptoms. It’s about living better – with a VERVE for life. So if you’re in need of a gifted, compassionate, and dedicated chiropractor in Montgomery, TX, schedule a visit with Dr. Silver or Dr. Brenan at VERVE CHIROPRACTIC today.


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