Family Chiropractic

Are you looking for a family chiropractor? Dr. Richard Silver and Dr. W. Craig Brenan of Verve Chiropractic in Montgomery, TX offer many therapies that can benefit every member of the family. Whether you are looking for help to achieve optimal wellness or to deal with pain, we can help.

Chiropractic care is an alternative to traditional medical care in that it focuses on the whole body working together. When all the parts are operating at an optimal level, the whole body can achieve and maintain wellness. 

Chiropractic adjustments

Both pain and wellness can be provided for with chiropractic manipulation using the hands or the Activator technique. When the spine is out of alignment, impulses from the brain can not get through unimpeded. This leads to bodily systems not working as well as they should. By getting the vertebrae back into alignment, we can help to improve overall health. The Activator is an instrument that applies low force pressure with high precision to areas where it is needed. 


Whole body cryotherapy exposes the entire body to extreme cold. This releases the "feel good" chemicals in the brain and results in focus and calm after a session. It is an experience that helps to bring down inflammation in the entire body. With 3-5 minutes of non-invasive treatment, you can experience improvement  of a myriad of issues from sleep disorders to depression. 

Custom orthotics

We use the Foot Levelers laser scan to measure feet for custom orthotics. Every member of the family can benefit from having their feet corrected, but pregnant women tend to especially benefit from added support. By taking care of issues with the feet, the legs, hips and back can stay in correct alignment. When your feet pronate, it puts lots of stress on other parts of the anatomy. Flat feet are common in toddlers, but they should be gone soon after that. If they don't change, it can affect posture and cause pain in the feet and in other parts of the body, as well. 

Nutritional supplements

Part of family chiropractic care is making sure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need. Kids, teens, and adults all have different nutritional needs and if you have a picky eater, it can be worrisome. We provide the nutritional counseling that you require, and we can offer you the supplements that are necessary. We partner with Standard Process to provide the whole food nutrition you may be missing. 

To make an appointment with a family chiropractor, you can count on the office of Dr. Silver and Dr. Brenan of Verve Chiropractic in Montgomery, TX to provide safe and drug free treatments for a variety of conditions. Call us at 936-596-1444 to make an appointment. 

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